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Halloween is just around the corner! Spooky characters, bright lights and lots of sugar can mean sensory overloads and overwhelmed kiddos. Here are some of our favourite alternatives to trick-or-treating that you can use to keep Halloween fun for your family.

- Halloween treasure hunt. Hide treats around the house/yard and have your kiddos hunt them down.

- Pass out candy together in costumes. This is a fun way for kids to still be a part of trick-or-treating.

- Do a spooky Halloween craft. Check our Pinterest for ideas!

- Set up a Halloween or autumn themed sensory bin.

- Turn your house into a haunted house or Halloween carnival. Make it cute and quirky or scary, depending on your kiddo. Invite some friends too!

- Watch Halloween movies, with popcorn and treats.

- Bake some sweet spooky treats.

What are some of your favourite trick-or-treating alternative activities? Let us know!

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